Saturday May 9th, 2015 | Edmonton, Alberta

TWO HUNDRED fabulous females. Moving. Learning. Growing & Having Fun.


Soul Strength is committed to giving back to the community and to empowering people to move, grow, and challenge themselves in new ways.  Why ‘Ellevate’?  The owner of Soul Strength, Melany James, along with a few fabulous female friends, conceived this event and the student award it’s in support of as a legacy in memory of her Mom who passed away suddenly while they were on vacation together in 2013.   For our team, our mothers were very important in supporting us in who we have become. They valued education, learning, wellness and…us. They have created a legacy within us through their support, and we wish to carry it forward.

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February Heart Month Challenge

PastedGraphic-1We raised $400 for the Heart and Stroke Foundation this year! Thank you to all our heart healthy participants and congratulations to our winners!

1st Prize – $380 Cash

2nd Prize – $20 Entry back

3rd Prize – A nice bottle of vino!

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